Communication through Melody and Lyrics: Cultural Identity of the Moklen


  • Rewadee Ungpho Faculty of Liberal Arts, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand


Communication, melody, lyrics, cultural identity, Moklen


The purpose of this study was to find foundational information for the restoration and preservation of Moklen music. Qualitative research was used with analyses of data from conversations and related documents. The study found that Moklen musical culture in the present day does not aim primarily to be used in rituals, but instead, for Rong Ngeng dance, festival and fun fair. Today the unique music of Moklen is Rong Ngeng music. The music uses preplanned or improvised lyrics with the same basic melody. Percussion instruments are used in the ensemble without any melody instrument. The vocal form has a distinguished prosodic pattern. The Moklen have their own musical culture of the renewal process for singing and dancing. Anyway their instrument have to restore for their music.


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