Walking-on-borderland: Karen Strategies and Tactics of Survival at the Thailand-Burma Border

  • Winai Boonlue Faculty of Social Sciences Chiang Mai University
Keywords: Karen, Walking, Strategies and tactics, Culture of life


This article is based on ethnographic fieldwork with the Karen at both sides of the
     Thailand-Burma border. I analyse in this paper the different strategies and tactics of survival in
the lives of displaced Karen people. Through my methodology of walking with/to the Karen State
in an active participation in their conversation and discussion both in a formal interview and in
informal interviews, I have discovered strategies of survival through a struggle at the myth and
imagination level and at the level of realities. My analysis reveals the Karen´s experience of a
culture of death and their efforts to establish a culture of life despite the adversities of everyday
life. In this way, my paper is an anthropological contribution to the current peace-building process
in Burma.


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