Dispute Mediation Abroad: An Alternative Conflict Resolution

  • Saranya Tarat Faculty of Sociology and Anthropology Thammasat University
  • Teera Sindecharak Faculty of Sociology and Anthropology Thammasat University
Keywords: Dispute mediation, Alternative conflict resolution


This article aims to study the patterns or methods of dispute mediation abroad leading to an introduction of a dispute mediation model in Thailand. The literature review has been used to reflect patterns and processes of mediation in other countries which may serve as an example of mediating disputes in Thailand. A review of relevant literature shows that mediation has been a popular approach chosen to settle conflicts in many countries around the world. The key to mediating disputes is to empower people to resolve conflicts themselves. The dominant feature of this alternative conflict resolution is that it is more cost and time efficient than court proceedings. A crucial factor to a successful mediation is the mediator, the person responsible for facilitating negotiation between the disputed parties. It is found that the efficiency of operating mediation has contributed to a huge reduction of cases going into court each year. Moreover, mediation is also a form of conflict resolutions that has helped to maintain the relationship between disputants.


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