“Informal Employed Workers” The Suffering of a Working Life without Social Security


  • Teera Sindecharak Faculty of Sociology and Anthropology, Thammasat University, Thailand
  • Akkaranai Kwanyou Faculty of Sociology and Anthropology, Thammasat University, Thailand


Informal employed Worker, Quality of Working Life, Index Indicator, Social Security


This study sought to better understand the quality of life and develop a quality of life index for informal employed workers to be used in planning assistance in various areas. This study examined the exemplary Informal employed workers that emphasized the diversity of work performed and distributed in at least 130,000 people from 18 provinces, which were specific to at least 5 special economic zones. The survey tools of this study were adapted from a 2018 report regarding the quality of life of informal employed workers. This study expanded the conceptual framework from 4 dimensions to 8 dimensions and included 1) economic, 2) social, 3) health, 4) safety, 5) environment, 6) work 7) readiness and potential, and 8) other.

The results of this study showed that the overall quality of Informal employed workers life in all 8 aspect areas was 79.99% with the highest weighing on economic quality of life (24.98%), safety (16.87%), health (16.32%) and lowest weighing about other parts (5.88%). Informal employed workers also gave the highest score on safety (88.48 points), other parts (80.52 points) and potential scores (80.52 points) and gave the lowest score on work (75.27 points).

Important components needed to improve the quality of informal employed worker’s life are "income" and "welfare." These two factors are related. The granting of Informal Employed workers into the welfare system would allow then to receive benefits under the Social Security Act, Informal employed workers need to have stable incomes because they are required to have monthly social security expenses, improving the quality of Informal Employed worker’s life, it is necessary to address the problem of Informal Employed workers' income. The proposals for “forming labor groups” based on the type of work/occupation that are not unions in different business units are therefore considered in order to provide assistance, security, and improve  the quality of life for Informal employed workers.




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