Big Data and Social Media Qualitative Research Methodology

  • Papon Chongthanavanit The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thailand
  • John M. Kennedy Indiana University, Bloomington, The United States of America (USA)
  • Jantima Kheokao The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thailand
Keywords: Big data, Social media, Qualitative research


The paper demonstrates and evaluates a methodology for conducting big data and social media research using qualitative methods. Large-scale databases of customer-generated content in social media have captured scientific attention, producing an abundance of valuable information. However, only a few studies have used a qualitative approach to analyze big data. This paper presents the step by step process of managing big data and qualitative analyses integrating computational approaches. It is based on a study of dental tourism in Thailand as a case example to validate as well as to highlight the advantages and limitations of the methodology.


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