The Impact of Unemployment on the Health of Individuals: A Bibliometric Survey


  • Anwar Hossain Choudhury Department of Sociology, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh


Unemployment, Health, Mental health, Socioeconomic variables, Bibliometric analysis


Unemployment pays a tremendous tribute to human health, both physical and mental. Academics have put their potential emphasis on this particular gradient through their research publications. This literature review aims to explore the performance evolution, trends, and most productive countries in relation to unemployment's effect on health. To achieve these objectives, a total of 3,977 social science and economics journal articles were obtained from the Scopus database through a keyword search. The authors simultaneously reviewed abstracts to identify fifty articles for a content analysis. The findings demonstrated a gradual growth in scientific publication throughout the study period, especially from 1970-2023, while in the last decade, the growth was significant. The results unveiled four distinct themes associated with unemployment/health research constituent: unemployment and health outcomes (both physical and mental health), unemployment and human psychology, unemployment and gender differences, and unemployment effects based on socioeconomic and economic settings. Another significant finding is that the USA holds the dominant position in the scientific production of this particular research domain. The findings can be a source for future studies as well as beneficial to policymakers to gauge some remarkable variables and findings to aid during policy-level decisions. The paper concludes with suggestions for future research


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