Securitizing Climate Change in Southeast Asia


  • Emmy Anne B. Yanga Master of International Studies Student, University of the Philippines and Development Management Officer, UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines


This article surveys whether and how ASEAN, which places a high premium on
ASEAN Way perceives and addresses climate change through the prism of
Securitization Theory.
With a call for re-conceptualization of security and the building of a regional
community by 2015, this paper suggests that issues hindering environmental
cooperation are trumped by ASEAN’s need to step up as one bloc to promote similar
aspirations towards implementing measures to address climate change and avoid
parallel states’ insecurities. ASEAN’s initiatives, particularly its progress on
articulating climate change hint on how the issue will be slowly, but hopefully,
incrementally addressed in the future.

Keywords: Climate Change, Securitization, ASEAN


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