Patent Registration and Innovations in Thailand: Impediments or Improvements?


  • Wanwipar Puasiri School of Law, Bangkok University


Innovations form another drive for economic development. Without them, market will not be attractive for consumers as they only buy what is needed. Research and development improve innovations and technology to suit the needs of consumers, and the reward for innovators are patents offering exclusive to the innovations for 20
years; at the same time, society receives benefit from patents by the disclosure of innovations. Unfortunately, Thailand is not yet fully excelling in its technology development although has improved. A significant problem is the minor degree of research in many fields to improve innovations and technology. As a consequence, there are only small numbers of Thai innovations that can be industrialized and
protected under patents. Yet while patent registration can indicate the growth of innovations and technology, it can also obstruct development. The article tries to identify the problems in the patent registration process and suggest possible solutions as well as proposing patent strategies for Thailand.


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