Thammasat Review a 1 Are We or Are We not Amused?


  • Chaiyan Rajchagool Institute of Religion, Culture and Peace, Payap University, Chiang Mai, Thailand


This paper is an attempt to look at the underlying logic of humor. Initially it will focus on an implicit debate on the characteristics of humor by two eminent Thai scholars, Nidhi Eawsriwong and Chetana Nagavajara. Probably not being aware of each other’s opinions, they have expressed opposite views on “what makes us laugh”. After an examination of these two positions, the paper will venture into ideas about humor discussed by a profound humorist whose nation likes to claim to have invented humor! Several stories (and folktales), indigenous and modified jokes, including studies on humor, will be assessed in light of conceptions of “what makes us laugh”. Subsequently from the standpoint of the Thai context, the paper will try to make some remarks about the nature of humor in general and of jokes in particular.


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