The Use of Thai Food Knowledge as Marketing Strategies for Tourism Promotion


  • Termsak Singsomboon


Thai cooking schools for foreign tourists are a kind of tourism business that
allows entrepreneurs to apply Thai food knowledge to their business operations, by
providing cooking activities for foreign visitors. According to the study conducted
through an in-depth interview of 20 Thai cooking schools’ entrepreneurs from three
major tourist provinces - Chon Buri, Chiang Mai, and Phuket - similarities and
differences are equally found in the use of Thai food knowledge as marketing
strategies and activities to promote tourism, following Lovelock and Wirtz’s 8Ps
marketing mix factors. The sustainability and the success of Thai cooking schools
depend on these key success factors: (1) being an entrepreneur with vision and
ability; (2) having a strong knowledge of Thai food, for example, having unique
Thai food recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation; (3)
possessing strong and adequate operating resources, such as human resources,
location, teaching style and process, and capital; (4) participation from the
community/local; (5) continuity of operations; (6) innovation and new creative
activities; and (7) formal and continuous support from the government and affiliated
organizations in terms of policy, human resources, budget as well as regulations.


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