Some Mutual Relations for Remaining Local Commercial Community in Ta Chang Market of Sing Buri Province, Thailand


  • Sasithorn Klaichom Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-ok
  • Wandee Pinijvarasin Faculty of Architecture, Kasetsart University


Nowadays, many traditional commercial communities are required to develop themselves in order to compete against capitalism. Some communities that did not adjust themselves toward those changes no longer exist. Other communities have adjusted themselves, particularly in response to tourism. However, in many cases the process of becoming a tourism destination has caused the relationship between architecture and the ways of life in these traditional commercial communities to dramatically change, and thus lose their identity. This paper aims to present ways of adaptation for traditional commercial communities that will enable them to keep their traditional commercial activities as well as their unique architectural characters.

                Ta Chang Market community of Sing Buri Province in Thailand was selected because many parts of their traditional activities and physical features still remain.  Data used in this paper were derived from reviewing documents, conducting a field survey, and interviewing 12 community members. Data analysis included classification, content analysis and constant comparative analysis (Walisatean, et al., 2000).

                This study found that the community of Ta Chang Market has changed to reflect the current economic conditions. Although most of the external architectural features have been maintained, the internal features have been adjusted to the current needs under the limitation of the land ownership. Spatial utilization has been managed by the committee of Wat Bot to ensure that the community areas are used effectively and orderly. In addition, there has been an expansion of the morning market, which helps the community. This study found that an important factor for the existence of this commercial community was the mutual relationship between the community and the temple.


Keywords:  Mutual relations, Existence, Shophouse, Local market communities, Tourism


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