Pragmatic diplomacy of “quiet steps” and a new paradigm of non involvement

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Ruslan Bortnik


        The article deals with the key trends of modern globalization in the context of geopolitical confrontation, analyses the goals of large geopolitical players, the role of “middle powers” and international organizations, the risks and challenges facing such countries. At the same time, the place of the “Global South” in geopolitical processes, the role and place of the Kingdom of Thailand, and the challenges facing this state are emphasized. The potential of the Kingdom of Thailand as one of the leaders of countries that set themselves the goal of non-intervention and not involvement in international conflicts is also substantiated.


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Bortnik, R. (2023). Pragmatic diplomacy of “quiet steps” and a new paradigm of non involvement. National Interest, 3(12), 27–39. Retrieved from
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