How Can We Best Encourage Our Students to be More Autonomous?


  • Pattama Sappapan Language Institute Thammasat University


Autonomy has been one of the latest buzz words recently used in a number of academic arenas, especially in the context of English Language Teaching (ELT). With the increasing demand of English as an international language, academic scholars agree that some degree of autonomy is required in order to promote learners’ active role in the process of effective language learning and teaching (Benson, 2001; Dickinson, 1987; Holec, 1981; Smith, 2008). This article looks into how autonomy can be integrated and encouraged more in the tertiary context so that undergraduates can benefit from a self-directed learning approach and become more independent from their teachers. Most importantly, this can lead them in the direction of lifelong learning which, in the view of many,is the ultimate goal of higher education.

Keyword: Learner Autonomy, Autonomous Learning, Self-Direct Learning, English Language Learning (ELT)


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