The Learner Factors: Guide for Successful Language Learning


  • Samanan Sudsa-ard Language Institute Thammasat University


Learner factors affecting to second language learning have a crucial influence to students’ accomplishment in acquiring language. Several factors, including internal and external factors, result in students’ ability to learn. Knowledge about learner factors contributes to understanding of how to manage suitable classroom environment for second or foreign language learning. Internal Factors—intelligence, age, personality and motivation, are likely to play a crucial role in students’ language learning accomplishment, while External Factors including motivation, opportunity and environment can bring about students’ positive attitude toward the instructor and subject. This paper attempts to present learner factors affecting to second language learning. Thus, the learner factors that help students to learn second language are emphasized. The introduction is provided for giving an overview of second language learners. The definition of good language learners is explained to give an overview of characteristics of those learners. Then, the teacher implication to Thai classroom is discussed to indicate the possible way to support second language learning of students.


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