The 21st Learning Framework, CLT and Flipped Classroom Model


  • Apisara Sritulanon Faculty of Liberal Arts Panyapiwat Institute of Management


It is stated that in the 21st century learning framework that English is one of the basic knowledge that students should acquire with creativity and innovation as well as critical thinking and problem-solving skills. At present, the most common teaching methodology is the communicative language teaching approach (CLT) which focuses on teaching language through activities in order to help students know how to use language with different people in varied situations. However, EFL teachers most likely confront difficulties in teaching multi-level language proficiency students in their classes. Currently, the flipped classroom model seems to work well and also complies with CLT approach leading to the 21st century student’s qualifications.

Keyword: The 21st Learning Framework, Student Outcomes, CLT, Flipped Classroom Model


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