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  • Andrew Ajex School of Energy and Materials, King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi



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A silicon microring resonator system designed for the optical noise-free circuit consists of a silicon microring with two nanorings at its sides and has the form of a Panda-ring resonator. From which the nonlinear Kerr effect is introduced for space-time distortion control. Firstly, the input light (bright soliton) of 1.50 m center wavelength fed into the system with suitable parameters. The space signal with three types of noise (white, blue- and pink) fed into the system for manipulation. Secondly, the controlled space-time signals multiplexed into the circuit via the add port, the successive filtering employed for noisy space-time signal filtering. The optimum space-time distortion formed by the space-time uncertainty saturation, where the squeezing of light was produced and the whispering gallery mode obtained. The novelty of this work is the use of the Panda­ring circuit successive filtering with the space-time distortion control based on the circuit's nonlinear Kerr effect, which can achieve the optical noise-free circuit requirement. By using the Optiwave and MATLAB programs, the simulation results obtained. Results were plotted in time, frequency, and wavelength domains, respectively. The selected modulation time signal is femtosecond (fs), in which the noisy signals extracted from the resonant successive filtering signals.


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