3D Modeling for Military Simulation Software

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Janyaporn Tongtippayarut


Military technologies have been under continuous development. The simulation system is another option for military training. To make them safe of new weapons. There are many kinds of simulator i.e., dynamic or static, virtual reality or augmented reality. Software and Virtual world are essential in all of the above. In this research article, the author intends to research and develop 3D modeling process. Due to the objects of 3D modeling affect the software simulation system, the concept of new 3D model pattern involves low polygon techniques and lightweight object processing. Benefits of this experiment are made more efficient in software 3D scene simulation and easier to install on computer systems and hardware devices.


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J. Tongtippayarut, “3D Modeling for Military Simulation Software”, DTAJ, vol. 2, no. 6, pp. 94–105, Dec. 2020.
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