Defect Classification and Detection on Grinding Shaft using Digital Image Processing Process with A-KAZE Features

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Udomsak Wongkong
Sutthithep Sukwiboon
Phlai Chansom
Thossaporn Kaewwichit


This study presents the classification and detection of surface defection on the grinding shaft with two different types of defection: scratch and spot. To detect the defection, digital image processing process with A-KAZE features were applied to stitch the shaft image. To classify the defections, a circular factor is proposed to classify the scratch and the spot. In this study, the circular factors were set at <0.8 for scratch and ≥0.8 for spot. The experimental result report that the circular factors can classify the two detections. In addition, the A-KAZE features which are applied for image stitching indicates 63.32% of overlay image ratio.


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U. . Wongkong, S. . Sukwiboon, P. . Chansom, and T. . Kaewwichit, “Defect Classification and Detection on Grinding Shaft using Digital Image Processing Process with A-KAZE Features”, DTAJ, vol. 2, no. 6, pp. 106–115, Dec. 2020.
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