Prototyping the Recorder of Flight Position and Orientation

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Wasan Banditsaksakul


Recording flight position and orientation is important and critical to the safety of air transportation or air passengers. In addition, it is continuous recordings of real–time flight route that are the underlying concept of this research. The major output is to develop the prototype of recording the flight position and orientation of the UH–1H helicopter that had been long missioned at the Royal Thai Armed Forces. The research was conceptualized to obtain the design of a recording circuit so that the prototype would receive GPS signals from at least two options of GPS constellations. The research was also carried out to benchmark the received positions of the GPS and IMU sensor prototype with those collected from the Google Earth. The comparative positions were at an overall value of 14.18 m from the reference compared those of Garmin 296 that were at an overall value of 17.72 m from the reference, where as PRC-112G was at an acceptable value of 9.68 m from the reference. The research was successfully concluded and can be further studied to apply with newer and better design of avionic devices in relation to aviation and other applications with low cost of investment.


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W. Banditsaksakul, “Prototyping the Recorder of Flight Position and Orientation”, Def. Technol. Acad. J., vol. 1, no. 3, pp. ุ62–71, Jan. 2020.
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