Full-filling Innovative Leadership in Academic Administrator with Educational Engineering

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Jakkrit Siririn


             In the midst of the fragmentation of innovation, especially educational innovation in the 21st century, it is imperative that education administrators have to adapt to the rapid, intense and radical change. Education in the era innovation in education in the 21st century has to add new mission in innovation management collectively known as innovative leadership to be in line with the advancement of the education industry. Because at present academic administration, budget administration, personnel administration, and general administration must live innovative leadership
            For educational administrators in the age of 21st century education that requires a variety of skills in management. It is therefore essential that education administrators in the 21st century must learn about innovation and technology for application to education administration in the 21st century with educational engineering, a new line of work that will be fulfilled. Innovative leadership of school administrators to help school administrators set the direction of the institutional management with innovation that will result in the development of educational institutions in accordance with the era of education. The era of change in the 21st century effectively continues.Educational engineering is the driving force of a new line that will fill Innovative leadership of school administrators to help school administrators direct the direction of education management through innovation through the design of the educational process of the school. According to the needs of educational institutions and learners leading to efficiency and the highest achievement of educational institutions this resulted in the development of educational institutions in order to effectively conform to the changing era of the 21st century.


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