Continuing educational institution quality management with Kaizen concept

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Jakkrit Siririn
Kannika Chaowatthanakun
Uraphen Yimprasert


  Applying Kaizen concepts to work development in educational institutions to lead to continuous educational institution quality management with the concept of Kaizen is a challenge for modern educational administrators. In order to raise the quality of educational institutions that today not only have to compete with domestic educational institutions only but also have to compete with educational institutions from abroad as well. Therefore, modern educational institutions must improve the quality management method and various environments Including the improvement of teaching styles, teaching methods, teaching materials through the Kaizen concept in order to create guidelines for further improvement, correction and development of educational institutions.Because Kaizen concept is about modifying, improving and developing work processes in the organization. It's a Japanese concept. The focus is gradual and continuous in a Japanese company or factory, but nowadays, the concept of Kaizen is not limited to factories or companies in Japan. Because the Kaizen concept has been adopted in many countries over the years. Especially the application of the Kaizen concept in all aspects of life, from self-development. To the development of work in educational institutions.


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Siririn, J., Chaowatthanakun, . K., & Yimprasert, U. . (2023). Continuing educational institution quality management with Kaizen concept. National Interest, 3(11), 60–66. Retrieved from
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