Quality of education for ensuring sustainable development in Ukraine

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Kuzmak Olena


The article examines the development of systems of internal and external quality assurance of higher education. The Human Development Index of Ukraine was studied in comparison with European countries, in terms of regions of Ukraine, and the change in dynamics over the years was evaluated. The influence of the war on the quality of education in Ukraine is studied, in particular, the share of damaged/destroyed educational institutions in Ukraine during the 9 months of the full-scale war in Ukraine is given. It is proposed to form an effective management system that takes into account the specifics of provision, consideration, and satisfaction of interests between stakeholders and universities. Ways to improve the quality of education in Ukraine on the path of sustainable development are proposed.


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Olena, K. (2023). Quality of education for ensuring sustainable development in Ukraine. National Interest, 3(11), 41–47. Retrieved from https://sc01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/NIT/article/view/240394
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