Transition to a High-Performance Digital Disaster Warning Organization

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Suwannee Adsavakulchai
Orapan Khongmalai
Anyanitha Distanont


Climate change leads to the extreme weather such as fast floods, droughts, hurricanes and intense heat waves causing to severe, complex and widespread disasters. Many countries are therefore giving importance by focusing on systematic data analysis. The disaster management integrates the various problems link both policy and action levels together. The purposes of this study are the national preparedness system, disaster management and the guidelines for the digital disaster warning organization. The methodologies of this study are data collection and analysis from the current disaster management, focus group and site visit between November 2, 2021 and December 14, 2021. The results of the study found that the information management structure is the top-down of 60-80% for decision-making on disaster warnings and there is not the standard of practice manual. The disaster analysis and forecasting process require the specific information and procedures to achieve accuracy and precision. Forecasting models at present can forecast in the different levels of disasters, for example, a 3-day advance flood forecast model with an accuracy 60-80%. Factors in disaster management by community networks is to develop the local people for self-reliance areas. The guidelines for the transition to a high-performance digital disaster warning organization are to focus on upgrading key organizations in warning alertness, develop and drive to become a digital organization according to international standards, current statement assessment to do the enterprise architecture, future vision by integrating digital technology into all parts of the organization, system gap by creating the digital leadership and organizational digital culture towards becoming an organization in the digital era, determine the target and strategy that to lead an effective digital disaster alert.


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S. Adsavakulchai, O. Khongmalai, and A. Distanont, “Transition to a High-Performance Digital Disaster Warning Organization”, Def. Technol. Acad. J., vol. 4, no. 9, pp. 80–93, Aug. 2022.
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