Bi-objective Optimization of Design Parameters for Lifting Hook

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Nittaya Siriwan
Kamonchanok Prasatthong
Apichit Maneengam
Patpimol Suwankan
Kanlaya U - bontip


In this paper, present a bi-objective mathematical model for lifting hook designing problem with maximized safety factor value and minimized weight of the lifting hook. Divided the design method into two steps. The first step was to create a lifting hook by ISO 7597: 2013 standard (Forged Steel Lifting Kooks with Latch, Grade 8) to be an initial lifting hook. Then, we found out the safety factor value and weight of the lifting hook by the finite element method. In the second step, we solved the bi-objective lifting hook designing problem using a mathematical model. The results showed that lifting hook that was designed by the method presented in this research managed to reduce weight of the materials by 27.5% per piece with increased safety factor equal to 42.16% when determining both objectives to be equally important.


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N. Siriwan, K. Prasatthong, A. Maneengam, P. Suwankan, and K. U - bontip, “Bi-objective Optimization of Design Parameters for Lifting Hook”, DTAJ, vol. 2, no. 6, pp. 86–93, Dec. 2020.
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