How Parents Can Know If Their Child Is Gifted

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Jakkrit Siririn


      Talented youth refers to children who exhibit outstanding abilities in one or more areas such as science, intelligence, creativity. language use Leadership visual arts in performing arts, in music, in sports and academic competence in any field or many branches clearly compared to children of the same age level. and in the same environment Education for young talents It is an index indicating the development trend of the country. Providing education for these youths abroad is a high return investment. The next benefit that will happen to society is the matter of rights, equality and humanitarianism. especially to further upgrade the quality of education of the country.
        Role of Parents in Promoting Intellectual Children Encourage your child to do things and interesting activities Read all kinds of books. Be interested in music. Work with friends. to perform their duties to the best of their ability Parents let the school organize activities for children to express their opinions. did a group internship Practicing virtues such as sacrifice, knowing duty to the nation The house has a good environment. Help solve problems for children Let him be diligent, focused, creative. Take care of food to complete the 5 food groups. Give what your child asks because he will appreciate it. Training to be a good Buddhist give love to children in the right way Obstacles to enhancing intelligence are Not giving love and not caring about your child's feelings.


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