Thai Defence Industry in Response to Human Security

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Kanok Bunnag


This article is intended for 3 primary purposes: (1) to examine human security concept with regard to Thai contemporary issues; (2) to research demographic factors affecting Thai people’s attitude toward human security; and (3) to identify roles of Thai defence industry in maintaining human security. The study found that Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and effects of Russia-Ukraine conflict have been non-traditional threats which can reflect the Thai government’s ability to preserve its valuable human resource. Additionally, the 3 Thai working generations 15 years ahead of time are concerning more about human security as COVID-19 continues to spread, whereas the society is affected by global conflicts, and as the Thai society transforms into a complete aged society. However, Thai Defence Industry can positively contribute to the preservation of human security in Thailand in 3 crucial ways. Firstly, it can create more employment opportunities for a workforce. Secondly, it helps to stimulate both local and national economies. And thirdly, it offers a conciliatory mean for the Thai armed forces and Thai people in regard to contemporary conflicts of interest. So, the Thai armed forces can continue to enhance its capabilities and strengths in defending the state’s sovereignty, while ensuring the safety and security of Thais in accordance with the human security concept. Strategic recommendations for promoting Thai Defence Industry in response to the human security concept have also been provided within this article.


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K. Bunnag, “Thai Defence Industry in Response to Human Security”, Def. Technol. Acad. J., vol. 4, no. 10, pp. 32–47, Oct. 2022.
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